No. 77 Squadron Chapter (formerly 77 Sqn Association) story began on ANZAC Day 1953 in Sydney. The association flourished thanks to the drive of the President, Alwyn Quoy. In 1971 an offshoot of the original association was established as the "Kitty Hawk Squadrons Association".  However, in 1976 the "Kitty Hawk Squadrons Association" became the "NSW Fighter Squadrons Branch" as part of the NSW Division of the RAAF Association (RAAFA). When this occurred, 77 Squadron Association remained in being.

The association has received positive support from successive 77 Sqn commanding officers and also from the 77 Members at large.

You can read an extensive History of 77 Squadron by buying "Swift to Destroy" - An Illustrated History of 77 Squadron 1942 to 2012.

77 Squadron Association Committee put a motion to its August 2017 AGM “to wind up 77 Squadron Association by 1 Nov 17 and transfer its membership to FSB.

77 Squadron Association Committee had grown to believe that Fighter Associations would not survive as independent organizations.  Firstly because of not being able to fill Committee positions. Secondly, most fighter personnel are not loyal to one Squadron but loyal to the fighter world as most people have been in multiple squadrons.  Additionally, independent fighter organizations cannot use their numbers effectively to lobby. 

All ex fighter community personnel are conscious of the benefits that a strong Fighter Community can have in social events, and mates helping mates.   Also that having a political voice is becoming more and more necessary as successive governments examine all forms of government expenditure.  It therefore made sense to the 77 Sqn Association Committee that 77 Squadron Association join FSB. 

The following outlines the future situation.  The Committee of FSB has a position dedicated to a 77 Sqn  Chapter  which is responsible for the maintenance of:

  1. liaison with 77 Sqn,
  2. 77 Sqn History,
  3. 77 Sqn historical public enquiries,
  4. maintenance of a 77 Sqn Chapter website (currently the 77 Sqn Association Website),
  5. social events including the current 77 Sqn Association lunches in Newcastle, Canberra and Melbourne, and
  6. 77 Sqn commemorative events. 

This way 77 Fighter Squadron’s prominence in history, public enquiries as well as social and commemorative events would remain. 

The FSB Website will continue to have links to No. 77 Squadron Chapter website.  The Chapter website will continue to provide history archives as well as cater for public enquiry and advertise social and commemorative events.